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topduiattorneyArrested for drunk driving (DUI) in Vancouver, WA, Camas, Washougal, or another area of Clark or Skamania Counties? You do not have to go through the DUI process alone. In fact, we advise you to consult with our qualified criminal defense & DUI lawyer today.

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Our DUI Defense law firm has established a tradition of exceptional legal services paired with reasonable rates. We believe all clients deserve high-quality legal counsel.

We Know How Prosector’s Operate – Which Helps Us Obtain The Best Possible Results After A DUI Arrest

As a former criminal prosecutor, Mr. Posner has extensive criminal trial and negotiation experience. His prosecutorial background gives his clients an edge, as he knows firsthand the arguments, strategies, and tactics that prosecutors use.

Do not be fooled into thinking a DUI is not serious. It may not seem so, but the consequences of a DUI conviction could reach further into the future than you anticipate. For example, you could face license suspension, alcohol assessments and treatment, possible jail time and increased insurance rates.

Second, third and subsequent DUI’s mean the stakes are raised even higher. We will investigate every detail of the traffic stop, looking for weak points in the prosecutor’s case such as procedural violations, invalid breath tests, machine function and reliability issues and more.

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We are thorough and determined to obtain the best results possible after a DUI arrest!  Request a FREE no-obligation DUI consultation today after receiving a DUI in Camas, Washougal, Battleground, Hockinson, Vancouver, Brush Prairie, Skamania, Stevenson or other areas of Clark & Skamania Counties!